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    The Tranquility Poster by Bovéda was developed by Energy Designer Cary Weldy especially for those who are experiencing stress, anxiety, fear issues, or insomnia.  It has also been helpful for those who have been diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), and autism.

    Our exclusive Tranquility Poster is made of a high-quality 100-pound paper with a glossy finish, and it will be sent to you rolled in a triangular 3" x 24-1/4" box that is made especially for posters.

    Discover on what Cary's poster did for Hollie's son AJ, and how his symptoms for autism virtually disappeared:









    What the Tranquility Poster was Designed To Do

    • Harmonize the energy in a room, so that the left and right brain hemispheres can open and come into balance. It has been the observation of Energy Designer Cary Weldy that people with most of the above conditions have one of the brain hemispheres operating at a significantly lower level. Balancing the brain hemispheres can help lower these symptoms, which is especially essential for those who have been diagnosed with autism.
    • Radiates energy frequencies of peace and harmony.
    • Produces tranquil energy around a person that helps the excessive energy that has accumulated around the head, neck, and shoulders to move naturally down the body, bringing the body into better balance. As the body moves energy downward, excessive mental activity can soften and become calmer.
    • Helps protect the aura and energy system of the body at greater levels, helping the person respond better to stressful situations.
    • Emanates energy frequencies to help reduce the negative effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in a space, which have been found to increase stress in the body and disturb biological functions.
    • Radiates a grounding energy in a room, allowing the body to feel calmer and more peaceful. 

    How to Use the Tranquility Poster

    The ideal place to hang the Tranquility Poster is on the wall of a bedroom, where a person will be exposed to these beneficial and grounding energies while he or she rests. An office or work area is also ideal for having the poster on the wall. Do not cover the poster with glass or clear plastic, as it can possibly reduce the beneficial energies and frequencies emanating from the poster. You may frame the poster and hang it, as long as not more than 3/4" of each side of the poster is covered.


    The poster is 24" wide x 36" long.

    Here is a suggested 24x36" picture frame available on  Click here to see it.


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    Photography by Mary Onna Bode  

    © 2015 Cary Weldy.  All Rights Reserved.

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    • Hollie's testimonial about AJ and autism
      Hollie's son AJ was diagnosed with autism at the age of 6 year...

    Hollie's testimonial about AJ and autism

    Hollie's son AJ was diagnosed with autism at the age of 6 years old by doctors. He experienced stress, fixation on negative role models and ideologies, had trouble sleeping, and suffered from anxiety. In the summer of 2014, I gave Hollie a poster that I had created for AJ to hang in his room. I had infused certain energies into the poster that would help balance his environment, allowing AJ's body to heal itself. I do not advocate that the poster that I created heals autism, nor would I ever make that claim. In fact, I can never predict what results one has with any of my products or services, as I focus on balancing the energy in the environment. The proprietary techniques that I use are based on over 25 years of studying the "secrets of the Masters" of art, architecture, and energy, including da Vinci, Plato, Vitruvius, the ancient Egyptians, and many others. I have learned how to infuse frequencies of energy into artwork, for example, much like these energy masters knew how to shift the energy in a space through elements such as shape, color, rotation, numbers, and so forth. I have also studied a number of people who have been diagnosed with autism and have discovered a number of imbalances in their bodies that may be corrected through appropriate means. Visit us at for more information.
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