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Tranquility Pendant

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    Are you feeling stressed, nervous, or hyperactive?  If so, our exclusive Tranquility Pendant was designed especially for you.

    Engineered by Cary Weldy, the Tranquility Pendant has been infused with the secrets of the Masters™ to help you achieve peace and tranquility in your mind, body, and spirit. This Pendant radiates energies around the body that allow the body to resonate with those specific frequencies and become calmer, peaceful, and more harmonious. The Tranquility Pendant also allows the wearer to alleviate excess energy from the upper part of the body, which can produce nervousness and anxiety, and increase the earth energies in the lower parts of the body.

    Our Tranquility Pendant by Bovéda has been infused with the secrets of the Masters™ to help you lower stress and reduce fear, while empowering you with grounding energies to assist you from day to day. When you feel the need for peace and tranquility, simply wear the Tranquility Pendant.

    Customers have purchased the Tranquility Pendant to reduce nervousness, stress, anxiety, hyperactivity, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), autism, and insomnia. We make no claims for the effects of our Pendants, and results vary from individual to individual.

    Each Tranquility Pendant includes a beautiful printed card with a blessing for tranquility and harmony. You can also add your own blessing by writing on this card.

    We recommend that you do not wear the Tranquility Pendant at night. Instead, you may wish to simply have the Tranquility Pendant next to you on your nightstand while you sleep.

    The Tranquility Pendant is available in 3 plated finishes: 24-karat gold, sterling silver, and copper. Each Pendant comes with a clasp and with your choice of chain necklaces or a beautiful black satin silk cord.  The Tranquility Pendant comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Tell us about how the power of the exclusive Tranquility Pendant from Bovéda has helped you realize your dreams for peace, tranquility, and harmony in your life.

    Size: 1.25" diameter

    Wear the Power.™


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    1. Words cannot describe how much this pendant has helped me.

      I lost my fiancé 9 years ago this month to leukemia. The month of October has been really tough for me this year. The first time my body felt at peace was after wearing my pendant. At once my body responded and started calming down. It let me get back to being me and doing the things I love during the fall season. I was able to pass out candy to over 300 kids and enjoy every minute of the experience:) I have taken to wearing the pendant when going out in crowds now all the time as this keeps me calm and not get nervous in crowded environments. Once again letting me do the things I love without fear, worry, or panic. All symptoms completely gone not just for awhile, but all together gone. I always receive numerous compliments everytime I wear it. My body is at ease and what a great feeling! My gratitude for this pendant cannot be expressed with words. I am forever grateful! on 21st Oct 2015

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