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Toxic Earth Line Consultation

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    One of the biggest contributors for sleep issues and for human health problems in general is hidden: Toxic earth lines. In my experience, naturally occurring earth lines, especially the Benker Grid, affect at least 40-50% of people, with at least ONE toxic earth line cuts through their beds while they sleep.

    In this consultation, you will:

    • Discover which toxic earth lines are cutting through your bed, as well as your primary work space. These two areas are critical, where you may be sitting or lying in toxic earth lines for long periods of time.
    • Receive the exclusive Bed Harmonizers that were developed by Energy Designer Cary Weldy. These Bed Harmonizers are designed to emit harmonizing energy fields in and around your bed, allowing you to rest more fully.
    • Receive a harmonization and remediation of toxic earth lines from Cary Weldy. This work can be performed remotely of our offices.


    What are Toxic Earth Lines?

    benker-grid-diagram.jpgEarth lines are naturally occurring subtle energy lines that radiate from the earth in a grid pattern. There are three kinds of toxic earth lines and grid systems: the Benker Grid, the Hartmann Grid, and the Curry Grid, all named after the doctors who discovered them in more recent times. Because of their width and prominence, the Benker Grid is by far the worst relative to its detrimental impact on human health.

    These toxic earth lines are not to be confused with beneficial earth lines, such as the Schumann Grid or Ley lines of the earth. Ley lines, for example, can transmit beneficial energy from one location to another. 

    Toxic earth lines are basically the "energetic sewage system" of the earth, where they seem to attract and pull in other forms of detrimental energy, including microwave frequencies, other radio frequencies, and electromagnetic fields (EMFs), for example. With the exponential increase in these other forms of negative energy fields in the past few decades, toxic earth lines 

    A good analogy for toxic earth lines is when we consider x-rays, for example. X-rays are invisible energy fields that are radiactive and that have a detrimental impact on the DNA of the body. This is why that nursing staffs give you a lead blanket to wear before receiving x-rays at the doctor's or dentist office. Similarly, Benker lines are quite toxic as well. What you cannot see can be extremely harmful to you, as Madame Curie unfortunately discovered.


    How To Learn More About Benker Lines and Other Toxic Earth Lines

    download-research-icon.jpgAfter extensive research for a number of years, I wrote a comprehensive "white paper" that discusses the history, definition, qualities, impact, and research around Benker Lines and other toxic earth lines.

    Click here to download and read my white paper.



    Note:  It is highly advisable NOT to attempt to locate or measure Benker Lines or other highly toxic forms of radiation, unless you are very skilled and experienced at dowsing or other appropriate means of identifying them. Many people have gotten sick or have even died from trying to measure toxic forms of energy, without knowing how to protect themselves while measuring, how to clear their energy fields personally after any exposure, how to measure properly, or without the knowledge and techniques of how to remediate toxic earth lines.

    It is very important to hire someone experienced in these matters. Energy Designer Cary Weldy has been well-trained in dowsing and is experienced in working with toxic energy fields, including Benker Lines and other forms of detrimental sutble energy.


    How the Consultation Works

    • cary-dowsing-at-the-rookery.jpgAfter ordering this Consultation, we will mail you four (4) of our exclusive Bed Harmonizers to place behind the headboard area and under the mattress, along with instructions on exactly where to place the Bed Harmonizers. Developed by Cary Weldy, the Bed Harmonizers were designed to emit fields of harmonizing energy in and around your bed. These fields also emit energy frequencies with a balancing effect that will allow your body and imbalanced energy of your chakra system to come back into balance.
    • Also, we will email you instructions on how to photograph your bedroom and yourself, as well as where to email the photos. 
    • After receiving your photos, we will schedule your consultation time with you.
    • This Consultation is quick and easy, and it usually lasts for 20-30 minutes via the telephone. All you need to provide are photos of you and your space.
    • Before the phone consultation, Cary Weldy uses objective testing that measures the energy qualities of you and your room, as well as identify where the key toxic earth lines are relative to where you spend significant periods of time. The testing methodologies work on a qualitative and quantitative level, and they can be done remotely with photos of you and your space.
    • The Consultation will also include a diagram of your bed and where the key toxic earth lines are in your bedroom and work space, if relevant.



    • "I just wanted to say 'Thank you!' Since u cleared the lines across my bed...I'm sleeping much better! Before you did the clearing, I fought it and woke up constantly. Now...I fall asleep within minutes and sleep pretty much the whole night." --- Shannon D., Evansville, IN


    • "When Cary discovered that a Benker Line was cutting through my lower legs when I was sleeping, he predicted that I had a issue with my lower legs. I have Restless Leg Syndrome, which came on relatively recently. After Cary harmonized the Benker Lines, those symptoms rapidly went away. I was pretty amazed." --- Todd J., Chicago


    • "Ever since you did the work in my bedroom area, I've been sleeping better! Thank you!" --- Margaret G., Chicago


    How to Proceed 

    After you order the consultation, Cary will contact you to give you instructions on how to take and send your photos of yourself and your bedroom area, and also set up a time that is convenient for you for the consultation via phone.


    This consultation IS NOT medical advice or intended to replace any advice from your health professionals. At Bovéda, we make no claims as to the effectiveness of any of our products or services, even though we may disclose results that have have been experienced by other customers. By purchasing our products, you understand that we do not prescribe, diagnose, treat, dispense medical advice or opinions, nor make any medical claims about our products or services. As with nearly any product or service, results do vary from individual to individual, and results are also based on numerous variables of someone's life, many of which are out of our control. By purchasing or recommending our products and services, you agree to release Bovéda LLC and any of its employees or members from all liability as a result of the products or services you receive from Bovéda LLC or any of its employees or members.

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