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The Sleep Consultation

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    Insomnia is a big and pressing problem for many Americans. According to a recent report by the medical journal The Lancet, about 25% of Americans are unhappy with their sleep patterns, while up to 10% have insomnia, putting them at risk for serious diseases such as depression, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

    Click here for more detailed information about Cary's research with clients on insomnia, and how it can be of help to you.

    insomnia-chart-imbalanced-chakras.jpgIn the Sleep Consultation, Energy Designer Cary Weldy looks for the sources that are relatively unknown, which may be contributing to lack of good sleep. In his experience, the “hidden” elements can often be the key factors that largely contribute to insomnia.

    From his interior design work with many clients in their homes and with sleep clients throughout the country, Cary has found that insomnia issues generally occur with energy imbalances in the body. After measuring numerous clients, Cary has found that sleeplessness can often occur when the upper chakras in the body are over-activated, and the lower chakras in the body are under-activated or congested.

    This imbalance in the primary energy fields of the body often causes racing thoughts, overactive emotional energy, and not enough grounding energy in the space and therefore in the body. This energetic imbalance can result in anxiety and tension as well.

    Also, in every case with insomnia that Cary has investigated, the client suffered from a substantial imbalance in the brain hemispheres, where one hemisphere (such as the left brain hemisphere) was over-activated, while the other hemisphere was under-functioning. This brain imbalance is also consistent with people experiencing stress, ADD/ADHD, autism, depression, and other health issues.

    This brain hemisphere imbalance can be corrected.


    Here is what you will receive with your personalized Sleep Consultation: 

    • General review of your bedroom area and suggestions for better sleep.
    • Analysis of your chakras that relate to good rest.
    • Discover which side of the bed is optimal for YOU.
    • Find out which direction is best for you to rest.
    • Recommendations for specific colors in your bedroom, based on those that strengthen you and those that weaken you and causing sleep issues.
    • Identify sources of toxicity relative to sleep issues.
    • Identification of toxic earth lines, including Benker Lines, Hartmann Lines, and Curry Lines that may be crossing through your bed area and disturbing your sleep. Includes suggestions of how to remediate them. Click here to read more about the dangers of toxic earth lines and how they can affect your sleep.
    • Review of your art and accessories in your bedroom that may disturb good rest.
    • Shapes that may be causing you to stay awake.
    • Review of bed linens and colors...and how they are affecting you.
    • How your pets may be affecting your sleep.
    • Analysis of electro-magnetic fields and other sources of harmful radiation that may be impacting you.…and ways to correct that.
    • Easy tips for bringing grounding energy into the bedroom area to help cultivate better rest.
    • Clearing of spirit energy that is disruptive to sleep, which has been the cause of insomnia for a number of clients.


    The Sleep Consultation is quick and easy, and it usually lasts for 20-30 minutes via the telephone. All you need to provide are photos of you and your space.

    Here is how the Sleep Consultation works:

    • I use objective testing that measures the energy qualities of you, your room, your accessories, and other elements that affect you and your sleep. The testing methodologies work on a qualitative and quantitative level, and they can be done remotely with photos of you and your space.
    • After I provide you with a detailed analysis of the factors that may be contributing to your restlessness and sleep, then I will give you suggestions to harmonize and balance the energy in your space. When your space is in balance and harmony, you can go into resonance with this energy, which allows you to come into balance.
    • The techniques I use to balance energy are proprietary, which include specific shapes, sacred geometry, certain number patterns, and other unique methodologies to harmonize and balance a space.
    • In my experience, many people are at a loss for solutions to their sleepless nights, because often, they are not necessarily physical reasons; rather, the causes are frequently energetic.
    • In my experience, one of the major contributors to insomnia for many people is stress. Remember that stress is not what happens to you...but how you react to what happens to you. When we are experiencing things in our lives that may be difficult to process mentally or emotionally, it may lead to sleepless nights, where we are tossing and turning in bed. In the Sleep Consultation, I will give you some easy techniques that can use every day to help you reduce the stress in your life! They have helped me...and many clients as well.



    • "After your consultation, I can tell you that I’ve been sleeping really well. And interestingly enough, I’ve been able to fall asleep at 1:00 a.m. (early for me!), and get up at 9:00 (early for me!), which has been awesome. I’m also waking up feeling way more rested." --- J.L., Naperville


    • "Ever since you did the work in my bedroom area, I've been sleeping better! Thank you!" --- Margaret G., Chicago


    How to Proceed 

    After you order the consultation, Cary will contact you to for sending your photos of yourself and your bedroom area, and also set up a time that is convenient for you for the consultation via phone.


    This consultation IS NOT medical advice or intended to replace any advice from your health professionals. At Bovéda, we make no claims as to the effectiveness of any of our products or services, even though we may disclose results that have have been experienced by other customers. By purchasing our products, you understand that we do not prescribe, diagnose, treat, dispense medical advice or opinions, nor make any medical claims about our products or services. As with nearly any product or service, results do vary from individual to individual, and results are also based on numerous variables of someone's life, many of which are out of our control. By purchasing or recommending our products and services, you agree to release Bovéda LLC and any of its employees or members from all liability as a result of the products or services you receive from Bovéda LLC or any of its employees or members.

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