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Sacred Power Spot Consultation

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    StonehengeWhat is a Sacred Power Spot?

    Sacred power spots are power energy vortices that are located at the surface of the earth. Many sacred power spots are naturally occurring, but others have been developed through ceremony, religious rites, or other techniques to consciously create them in a specific location.

    Sacred power spots generally have three qualities and frequencies of energy associated with them, as described by French scientists Chaumery and de Belizal in the 1930s and 1940s, and by Russian researcher Scariatin, who published books on radiesthesia in Egypt in the 1940s, using the psueudonym Enel.

    Learn more about Sacred Power Spots by clicking here.

    The Benefits of Sacred Power Spots

    There are two basic forms of energy: beneficial and toxic. Beneficial energy generates life and vitality, creates good health, strengthens, and generally feels good. Toxic energy, on the other hand, destroys life, creates disease and weakens biological systems, decays physical structure, produces accidents, and generally feels terrible.

    Because life is a cycle, both energies are very important…but must be in balance. The importance of identifying sacred power spots and connecting to them is more critical now than ever, in that the amount of toxic energy that is being generated is unprecedented.

    Some of the benefits of the energy that is associated with sacred power spots that have been experienced in the past include:

    Why Bring The Energy of Sacred Power Spots Into Your Home?

    For thousands of years, the great masters of art and architecture, including da Vinci, Plato, Vitruvius, and the ancient Egyptians, knew the mystery that connects the physical to the spiritual: By generating Divine energy in a space through shape, sacred numbers, color, rotation, and other means, people start resonating with that energy. The masters knew that people’s lives would change by creating beneficial energy in a space.

    The purpose for cultivating sacred power spots in your home is so that YOU will become a sacred power spot.The benefits happen as a result of bringing this precious life-giving energy in your home, because those qualities are associated with that energy.

    When you connect with the energy found in sacred power spots, your life can be enhanced on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, where you are blessed in your relationships and finances as well.

    What The Consultation Includes

    In his consulting practice, Cary Weldy spends considerable time identifying and locating existing sacred power spots that are in the area surrounding your home or office. Once he locates them, he uses special techniques to channel them into the home or building. The work is done remotely in our offices after viewing a map of your home or building.

    If Cary Weldy performs the work on site, then he or his consultant will work with you to identify which areas are important for increasing the energy from sacred power spots. Important areas may include your bed, which is important for rejuvenating and healing during rest, as well as your work space. By shifting the energy in these key areas of your home and work space, you will likely notice a difference that feels better.

    An Example of a Map After Sacred Power Spots Have Been Channeled:

    Below is an example of a map depiciting a property with surrounding sacred power spots that have been channeled into the property. After ordering this consultation, you will be able to download a PDF document that describes where to email the address of your property.








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    1. Sacred Power Spot

      This is an absolute must for everyone! Not only could I feel and tell a difference with many people that entered my home, but I had someone tell me about a dream they had about my home that referred to Cary's work. I had never told anyone about having him do this work for me. This happened in less than a week. Very mind blowing. on 12th Oct 2015

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