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Prosperity Ring

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    Designed by Cary Weldy, our unique Prosperity ring activates the energy centers in the body linked to prosperity and abundance.  This custom ring is designed to be worn on the middle finger of your dominant hand to have a maximum impact, so be sure to measure the ring size for that finger.

    Made with a sterling silver band, this unisex ring features a beautiful garnet on a sterling silver band set in a 14-karat gold bezel.  Your ring will be custom-made for you and empowered with a blessing for abundance and prosperity.

    Note:  We highly suggest that you do not wear this ring while you sleep.  Also, it is recommended that you do not wear the ring for extended periods of time, as the energy can become over-activated.  Because each ring is custom-made by the order, we are unable to offer a refund on custom orders.

    Crystals are highly absorbent of many frequences of energy.  During the course of wearing your ring in public, for example, crystals will often absorb toxic energy, such as negative emotions and thoughts of those around you.  Over time, the dirty energy energy continues to build in the crystal, which amplifies and broadcasts that energy in and around the wearer of the crystal.  People have reported experiencing headaches, body aches, and other health issues from wearing "dirty" crystals, and upon removing the crystalline jewelry, the issues have frequently gone away.  Therefore, we have discoverd that with all crystalline jewelry that contain diamonds, rubies, garnets, sapphires, and other precious or semi-precious crystals, it is very important to clean them energetically on a regular basis.  Here is how:

    How to clean your ring energetically:  Remove the ring from your finger and place in the bottom of a drinking glass.  Then pour ordinary table salt over the ring so that the salt covers the ring entirely.  Then simply let the salt and ring sit overnight.  The next day, your ring will be energetically cleaned for wearing safely.




    Wear the Power.™



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