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Prosperity Crystal

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    Let the power of science and Pranic Feng Shui work for you! Crystals are very powerful substances, as they readibly absorb and emit frequencies of energy, often magnifying them. This is why crystals are used in nearly all electronics.

    The Prosperity Crystals by Bovéda are very high-quality natural crystals, which have been cut and pointed to direct energy in a more powerful way. Our crystals have been hand-selected from South America and hand-wrapped with wire. They have been cleansed and programmed, ready for you to use. Our Prosperity Crystal comes in a beautiful red organza gift bag.

    What the Prosperity Crystal is Designed To Do

    • Project energies of prosperity and abundance into a door opening, so that when you cross over the treshold of a doorway, your aura and energy body absorb these energies.
    • Radiate the energy frequencies that increase financially, spiritually, and physically, which come from the purple prana of the East. This also includes the prana that is helpful for love and romance, which is why this crystal is great for hanging in the doorjamb of a master bedroom.

    prosperity-in-doorway-radiating-energy.jpgHow to Use the Prosperity Crystal

    The ideal place to hang the Prosperity Crystal is in the corner of a doorway inside the jamb. Make sure that the crystal is close to the corner as possible, as shown in this photo. Also, be sure that the crystal is hung on the proper side of the doorway, such that the door does not hit it when opening or closing.  

    A corner of a room is also a good place, as the energy of the crystal will be projected into the room.

    It is important to put it in the doorways that are used the most in your home and office. Primary doorways include the front entrance, a bedroom doorway, a side entrance from the garage, and other doors or openings that are frequently used. Some clients hang the crystal in the door jamb of a garage, as they will absorb the energy from the crystal as they drive into or out of the garage. 

    Due to the highly absorbant and transmitting nature of crystalline structures, it is important to cleanse your Prosperity Crystal every now and then. The way to cleanse your crystal is to put it in a small cup or bowl, and cover it completely with ordinary table salt. After leaving the crystal buried overnight in salt, the crystal should be energetically clean and ready to hang up again.

    NOTE:  In general, single-pointed or double-pointed crystals should not be worn as pendants, as the energy is often too sharp for most people. Also, most people wearing them do not cleanse them frequently, nor do they program them. We suggest that you do not wear pointed crystals in general.


    Although sizes and shapes vary, the amethyst crystals are approximately 1" long x 0.25" in diameter.


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