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    What is a Power Direction?

    A person’s “power direction” is the optimal energetic point at which a person faces on a 360-degree axis. At this point, the individual will become an "energy emitter", where he or she will receive a much greater degree of beneficial energy into the body and also radiate those energy frequencies outward from his or her body. This energy can be measured qualitatively and quantitatively.

    The Science of Power Direction

    The science behind why this phenomenon works is based on the string theory, which states that the Universe is a soup of frequencies, and that every object has a unique frequency of energy.  By facing your specific power direction, the resulting frequency of that energy goes into resonance with the frequency of the earth, producing a harmonic field of energySimply put, good effects happen when you are facing your “power direction”.

    On a scientific level, the beneficial energy produced and its harmonizing effect has to do with the combination of a person’s overall frequency, the earth axis, magnetic fields, and other factors. Subsequently, that individual begins to absorb the beneficial energy in his or her body, as well as emanating these fields of Divine energy while facing his or her power direction. The physical analogy to this is similar to good water being absorbed by a plant, which results in a plant’s vitality and the energy emanating from the plant. The energy flows in...and then flows out.  AND...the more that you face your specific power direction, the more that the energy will build.

    power-direction-consultation-example-8-1-15.jpgThe Potential Benefits of Discovering Your Personal Power Direction

      • Creates a feeling of harmony for you and for people around you.
      • Enhances your health and well-being.
      • Increases the life-giving force in your body.
      • Nurtures your relationships your relationships.
      • Elevates your mood and promotes piece.
      • Can attract more harmonious events in your life. 


    See the larger image of the Power Direction Consultation at the bottom of this page.

    Our Consultation is Cost-Effective

    We are pleased to offer this service to help you find your optimal power direction for only $40. The result of the work is priceless. After we receive your order, you simply email us a photo of you. After we find your Power Direction through energetic testing, we will email you a chart showing a circle with the 360 degrees pointing to your personal Power Direction relative to due north.  

    photodune-432149-gym-woman-portrait-xs.jpgHow To Use Your Personal Power Direction

        • Sit or stand in that direction frequently.
        • If you have a circular dining room, it is beneficial to sit in this direction.
        • You can orient an easy chair at home in the living room, where you can sit or read while facing your personal Power Direction.
        • For the work place, it is beneficial to stand or sit facing your power direction sales people or work place, this is a fantastic position to stand or sit when you are dealing with people, as it can produce favorable results. 


    Case Study With Orchids

    In a research study with plants, I wanted to see the effects of finding the power direction of an orchid I had purchased for a room. Typically, orchid blooms last about 4-6 weeks, but I was curious to see what kind of effect the optimal power direction that a plant faces would have on its overall biology.

    However, after I rotated the orchid plant slowly to find its optimal "power" direction, it was interesting to note that the power direction of the orchid plant was not the direction that most interior designers would typically place it.

    The big surprise: The blooms lasted five months, instead of five weeksAnd the blooms faded and dropped off the plant prematurely due to lack of watering due to extensive travel at the time.


    Example of Power Direction



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    1. Nervous stomach no more!

      Doctors were unable to find a cause for the abdominal/stomach pain that I lived with for several years. I finally decided it was a nervous stomach and tried to live with it. Sometimes only able to eat one meal a day and other days not at all. Then Cary showed me my power direction. A few weeks later, I purchased a wooden Manny from Cary and followed Cary's instructions and put it to use. Within the next 2 days my stomach pain was gone. Not only has my appetite returned, I now have cravings that I haven't had for years! My energy level has changed to a more positive nature. I'm more relaxed and feel more peaceful. on 1st Aug 2015

    2. Power direction is REAL!

      I attended Cary's class of Manifest Your Dreams where I learned about my power direction. My life changed since day one! My energy has soared! My back pain of 12 years is gone! My tips have doubled while bartending! My life has changed and great things are happening! I'm more relaxed and my anxiety is disappearing! Thank you Cary! on 1st Aug 2015

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