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Pet Blessings Pendant - Wholesale

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    SOLD OUT!  We are ordering more Pet Blessings Pendant...thank you for your patience.


    Bless your pet with our exclusive Pet Pendant!  Buy Two or More Pet Blessings Pendants and SAVE!!

    Engineered by Energy Designer Cary Weldy, the Pet Pendant has been infused with energy that projects harmonizing frequencies around your pet!

    Each Pendant radiates specific frequencies of energies, allowing your pet to resonate with those energies to help produce the desired qualities. When your pet is wearing the Pet Pendant, your pet can start resonating with these energies that promote good health and harmony.  The Pet Pendant is also good for animals suffering from nervousness or anxiety, as the the Pendant exudes peaceful and calming energies.

    Find out why Maria's new cats became calmer and stopped fighting so much after she put the Pet Pendant on her cats, and how Theo's chihuahua's became more peaceful and less jumpy after wearing the Pet Pendant!


    The Pet Pendant is a result of the 25 years of Cary Weldy's studies of the Secrets of the Masters™, where he has developed special techniques to incorporate the ancient and powerful sciences of da Vinci, Plato, Vitruvius, and other master artists and architects into a pendant. While these masters knew how to radiate energy from architectural features in a space or elements from a piece of art, Cary has engineered proprietary methods of infusing powerful energy into his Pendants and other products.

    The Pet Pendant is beautifully plated in 24-karat matte gold, and the Pendant also comes with a 3/4" split key ring, so you can easily add it to a pet collar.

    Each Pet Pendant also includes a beautiful printed card with a special blessing of health and harmony for your pet.  You can also add your own blessing by writing on this card.  Resting the Pendant on the blessings card will also help infuse this blessing into the Pendant, when it is not being worn by your pet. 

    The Pet Pendant comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Tell us about how the power of the exclusive Pet Pendant from Bovéda has helped your pet!

    Size: 3/4" wide x 1-1/4" tall

    Wear the Power.™


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