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Energy Harmonization for the Home or Office

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    entry-lower-resolution-200x300.jpgWhen your home or office feels better and is in balance, then you will feel better...and LIVE better.

    The great masters of art, architecture, and energy, such as da Vinci, Plato, Vitruvius, and the ancient Egyptians knew this ancient mystery. Their mission was to harmonize spaces and boost the beneficial energy in a room or building, so the inhabitants would be blessed.

    With his 25 years of studying the science of energy harmonization and “secrets of the masters”, Energy Designer Cary Weldy brings these techniques and hidden methods to YOUR home and office, so you can live more fully.

    You likely vaccum, sweep, dust, and clean your home on a daily basis, just as you clean yourself with daily bathing or showering. How do you ENERGETICALLY cleanse your home, though? Energy Designer Cary Weldy makes it easy for you with this exclusive energy harmonization service for your home and office. When the energy in your space is transformed, you will feel a difference. Many clients have reported the following after the Energy Harmonization Consultation was completed:

      • Better and deeper sleep
      • Elevated mood
      • Feelings of peace and tranquility
      • Increased finances
      • Improved health
      • More harmony in the relationships with their family and work associates

    Why Certain Rooms Do Not Feel Good

    Have you ever moved into a home...or walked into a room, and immediately felt negative emotions or had thoughts that were strange and unusual for you? The reason this often occurs is that you are picking up the emotional and mental residue that is attachd to a space. In energy work, we call this phenomenon "resonance", where you begin resonating with those frequencies of energy. Mistakenly, you may believe that those thoughts or emotions are YOURs, but they indeed are not in many cases.

    The problem is that these harmful energies have not been cleansed from an environment, even though the space may have been physically cleaned.

    Discover the power of the qualities of energy you want by treating yourself to one of the most powerful and important gifts that you can give yourself: Energy Harmonization. Cary Weldy's work can be done in person at your location, or remotely from his office.

    What is Included in the Energy Consultation For Your Home or Office:

     Services Included "Basic" Energy Harmonization Package
    "Silver" Energy Harmonization Package "Gold"   Energy Harmonization Package
    Time involved 1 Hour 2 Hours 3-4 Hours
    Cost $125 $250 $375
    Directing Sacred Power Spots: Identifying and channeling existing sacred power spots into your home or office, increasing the “divine” energy that is energizing and balancing for your space and the inhabitants in it. Click here to learn more about Sacred Power Spots.  
    Harmonzing Cutting Energy Lines: Balancing cutting energies or “shooting arrows” from sharp objects or drops, such as soffits.    
    Geopathic Stress Harmonization: Harmonization of Benker lines, Hartmann Lines, and Curry lines in the bedroom and key working areas, such as a home office. Click here to learn more about the dangers of Benker Lines and how they negatively impact your health and environment.    
    Clearing Negative Energies: Harmonizing and clearing of negative energies that are attached to or infused in objects, such as antiques.    
    EMF/EMR Harmonization: Harmonizing the toxic effects of the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in your home, including EMR/EMF, electrical circuits and devices, WIFI, water pipes, and other sources. Learn more about the dangers of smart meters and other forms of EMFs/EMRs by clicking here.    

    Smart Meter Harmomization: Harmonize the toxic effects of the radiation from the highly powered radio frequency pulses that surge from your Smart Meter.  Learn more about the dangers of smart meters and other forms of EMFs/EMRs by clicking here to see Dr. Klinghardt's research.

    Personal Power Direction: Discover your Power Direction, and how it can help you. Click here to learn more.    
    Cutting Negative Energy Cords: Cutting and removing negative energy cords that are attached to the home or work environment, or attached to specific rooms or objects in the home or office, such as a chair, desk, or area in a room.     
    Removing Curses: Identifying and removing curses and negative thought forms from your home or work environment, even if they were invoked consciously or subconsciously toward previous inhabitants. (Note: Identifying and removing curses and negative energy cords from you or another inhabitant of a home or work environment is additional.)    
    Power Art Consultation: Energy Designer Cary Weldy will review the key art objects and accessories in your home or office that are helpful or harmful, and how to balance the energies to help you attract your desires.    

    Note: A nominal fee (based on time and distance) will be billed for travel to your home or office at the time of consultation where travel by Cary Weldy is required, and the travel cost, if any, will be assessed before the consultation based on the travel time and distance involved.

    To Prepare For The Consultation

    Nothing from you is required. Some clients like to address not only clearing toxic energies, but boosting beneficial energies and qualities that help them realize their hopes, dreams, and wishes, when the "Power Art Consultation" is involved.

    If you are ordering the "Gold" Energy Harmonization Service that includes the Power Art Consultation, you can begin this process by considering the following and writing it down:

      • What do you desire in our life?
      • Which areas or objects feel good in your home?
      • What areas or objects do not feel good in your home?

    Also, please take photos of your bedroom and living room (all walls), as well as close-ups of the art and accessories in those rooms. After you register for the consultation, you will be instructed where to email your photos for review.


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