"My business doubled in less than 3 months!"


When I started to design some of the jewelry for the Bovéda Collection, I wanted to create a series of Prosperity Rings that were affordable. The key behind helping people manifest prosperity in their lives is to activate the energy centers in and around the body using specific techniques that have been kept secret by the “masters” for thousands of years. I have been fortunate to have studied these hidden methodologies for more than 25 years.

The ancient Egyptians, for example, believed that the human body is a sacred temple that contains all of the templates for manifesting any experience. Thousands of years later, Albert Einstein, one of the most famous physicists of our time, said the following:

I wanted to team up with a talented jewelry designer who shared similar philosophies to help create this collection of Prosperity Rings for Bovéda, and Sara Commers, owner/founder of Commers Custom Jewelers in Minneapolis, was the perfect match. Combining her wonderful creativity and talent with my knowledge of the “secrets of the Masters” was an ideal fit.

Sara Commers     

Our first design was bold and beautiful, featuring eight rare rubies circling a solid 14-karat gold octagonal band. Priced at $2600, this ring was geared for the luxe market, so Sara and I created two more Prosperity Ring designs for the collection after this initial design:

First Prosperity Ring designed by Cary Weldy and Sara Commers

After a number of months had passed, I sent Sara an email, asking her if she had worn any of the Prosperity Ring designs that we had created together.

Her reply was astonishing:

"Yes! I wear it all the time, since I started wearing it my business had doubled. Luxury jewelry selling in a recession? Wow.”

Then she sent me a photo of her wearing the Prosperity Ring:

Energy is the key to creating any experience in your life, and activating the correct frequencies of energy is the key. Every jewelry and product we sell is designed with the “secrets of the Masters”, using proprietary techniques to generate these frequencies, so that you can begin resonating with them. These techniques include color, shape, special materials, specific geometries, and other vibrational methods to activate the desired energies.

We plan to add this special ring to our Bovéda catalog very soon. In the meantime, however, check out our other Prosperity Rings in the Bovéda Collection by clicking here.