Blessings Pendant, 24-karat gold-plated

Blessings Pendant

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    Do you want blessings in your life? Our exclusive Blessings Pendant was designed to help you realize your hopes, dreams, and wishes...with ease.

    Engineered by Cary Weldy, the Blessings Pendant has been infused with the Secrets of the Masters that project these energies around you to help activate these blessings in your life:

      • True Love
      • Abundant Health
      • Happiness
      • Prosperity
      • Harmony
      • Protection


    The Blessings Pendant is a result of the 25 years of Cary Weldy's studies of the Secrets of the Masters, where he has developed special techniques to incorporate the ancient and powerful sciences of da Vinci, Plato, Vitruvius, and other master artists and architects into a pendant.  While these masters knew how to radiate energy from architectural features in a space or elements from a piece of art, Cary has engineered proprietary methods of infusing powerful energy into his Pendants.

    Each Pendant radiates specific frequencies of energies, allowing you to resonate with those energies to help produce the qualities you desire in your life.

    Each Blessings Pendant includes a beautiful printed card with a special blessing for love, health, happiness, and propserity.  You can also add your own blessing by writing on this card.  Resting the Pendant on the blessings card will also help infuse this blessing into the Pendant.

    We recommend that you do not wear the Blessings Pendant at night so that you can rest.  Instead, you may wish to simply have the Blessings Pendant next to you on your nightstand while you sleep.

    The Blessings Pendant is available in two plated finishes: 24-karat gold and sterling silver (rose gold will be available at a later time).  Each Pendant comes with a clasp and with your choice of two chain necklaces or a beautiful black satin silk cord.  We make no claims for the Blessings Pendant, and results vary from individual to individual.  The Blessings Pendant comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Tell us about how the power of the exclusive Blessings Pendant from Bovéda has helped you realize your dreams.

    Size: 1" wide x 1.6" tall

    Wear the Power.™


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    1. Calming, peaceful

      I felt better immediately after putting the blessings necklace on. I was tense and shaking and feeling distressed. That night I slept the whole night through. Today I remind myself of how much it helps me by putting my hand over it for a moment. I'm amazed at the impact the blessings necklace is having. It's probably the calmest I've felt since my husband passed away and I've had to take over the business while settling the estate. on 7th Mar 2016

    2. Calming, Peaceful & Grounding

      I LOVE this Blessings pendant - it truly was a Godsend when I received it. I feel its properties of blessings every day. It is a beautiful and high-quality pendant to wear every day. on 30th Sep 2015

    3. Blessings Pendant

      Loved it the moment I put it on - felt an instant calmness and peacefulness on 23rd Sep 2015

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    • The Blessings Pendant helps her feeling calmer, peaceful, and more grounded
      Cindy was experiencing emotional difficulty during the anniver...

    The Blessings Pendant helps her feeling calmer, peaceful, and more grounded

    Cindy was experiencing emotional difficulty during the anniversary of her daughter's death. Find out what happened the moment she put the Blessings Pendant by Bovéda on. I am THRILLED to hear how people are being helped by the energy that radiates from the Pendants.
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