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Bless My Life: An Energy Harmonization Consultation with Photos

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    Have you ever prayed over a photo of someone, or held someone in your thoughts while you said a blessing? Have you known someone to receive a blessing after you or another bestowed it?

    In his work, Energy Designer Cary Weldy has been helping numerous clients for many years via their photos, where they ask for blessings for themselves, their families, coworkers, pets, and homes. Because of the increasing demand and positive results with clients, we are now offering this service of blessings publicly.

    How Can An Image Be Blessed?

    Nun blesses parishioner with holy waterThere are a number of ways to infuse energy into an object or a person, including one of the most popular forms that is used throughout the world: prayer.

    Some of the masters of art, architecture, and energy, such as da Vinci, Plato, and the ancient Egyptians, knew how direct various qualities of energy into objects or people. As a result, the object would begin resonating with those particular frequencies of energy, and then radiate those energy qualities.

    Holy water, for example, is blessed by a member of the clergy for the use of cleansing in baptism, as well as for protection against evil by many Anglicans and Roman Catholics. Oil is used by many religious and spiritual traditions for annointing people, clothing, and even homes.

    How Can This Consultation Help You?

    Cary Weldy dowsing at the Rookery in ChicagoSome clients will ask for specific energies and blessings, such as protection, peace, prosperity, or love, while most clients ask Cary to scan the person(s), pets, home, or treasured object for what is needed most and to infuse those frequencies and blessings accordingly.

    By connecting with the appropriate energies, those frequencies can begin working for you in a powerful way. Energy Designer Cary Weldy measures which energies are needed, and then infuses the image with spiritual symbols and other proprietary methods. During the process, Cary insures that the energy harmonization takes place through careful measurement. By infusing the image, the person(s), pet, or object(s) in the image literally receives those energies.

    When you bring blessings to anyone or anything in your life, that power is magnified, and it also increases in time. With a photo that is blessed and then displayed, the energy continues to activate and expand. Therefore, with every client whose photo we bless, we will display your photo at our offices to allow the blessings in your life to increase.

    One of the greatest gifts you can give is to bless someone or something else. At Bovéda, our philosphy is to bless everyone and everything around you. When you live in a state of blessing, you attract those blessings back to you...MULTIPLIED. As a tiny acorn that is planted becomes a mighty oak tree, every energy you send out comes back to you...expanded.

    How Does This Photo Consultation Work?

    Some of the esoteric and spiritual traditions teach that all of the answers are within YOU. Jesus the Christ, for example, taught that the kingdom of God is within you. When we activate the appropriate spiritual centers in the body, and connect the appropriate spiritual centers that are associated with the qualities you want to experience, you bring real power to the ability to manifest what you desire.

    You are a walking miracle, in that your physical body is constantly working to achieve homeostasis, or balance, producing all of the chemical and biological reactions necessary to heal itself. When trauma is experience in the physical, emotional, mental, or spirituall bodies, then you become out of balance, where energies may be needed to harmonize and bring your various bodies back into balance.

    Physical healing is one matter, and other experiences you desire, such as spiritual qualities, can also be activated. Motivation, for example, can be activated within the body through specific energy centers, as can elevated mood. Clairvoyants have known for thousands of years that people who experience prosperity have a properly functioning root chakra that is open and clean, as this energy center is associated with safety and security. However, if fear sets in, the root chakra becomes dirty and congested, and like the gears in a wheel that become dirty, that "spinning wheel" does not spin so well. Consequently, the lack of abundance often happens in with those individuals.

    Secrets of the Masters

    purple-plaid.jpgIn his 25 years of studying the "secrets of the Masters", Energy Designer Cary Weldy has learned many techniques and methodologies on how connect with various energy frequencies and qualities. For example, the criss-cross pattern, where a vertical line crosses a horizontal line at a 90-degree angle, is powerful, as the intersection of those lines produces a very strong field of "Divine energy". This is one of the reasons why the sign of the cross, often used in the Roman Catholic tradition, is good for blessing the heart center of the body, because it creates that field of Divine energy, connecting it with the heart. This is pure science at work that is aside from the spiritual meaning of the crucifixion and those other aspects related to forming the sign of the cross with the motion of your hands.

    Another wonderful "secret" that you can use on a daily basis is wearing the color purple. Not only was purple treasured by royalty for centuries, this precious color is related to high spiritual centers of the body. Many priests will often wear the purple shawl, as this color radiates a field of protective energy that allows them to work in the public domain with all of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies, and yet not be so personally affected by negativity.

    Blessings Band by Bovéda

    Check out our Blessings Band, where it will serve you well with protection and other blessings.

    Now you can bless your family...bless your home...bless your pets...bless any treasured object or person in your life. May you and your loved ones be blessed with Divine power, love, happiness, and true abundance in your life.

    How to Proceed 

    After you order the photo consultation, Cary will be in contact with you to ask you what blessings you need. At that time, you may email him your photo, so that he can perform the blessings and energy harmonization work.


    At Bovéda, we make no claims as to the effectiveness of any of our products or services, even though we may disclose results that have have been experienced by other customers. By purchasing our products, you understand that we do not prescribe, diagnose, treat, dispense medical advice or opinions, nor make any medical claims about our products or services. As with nearly any product or service, results do vary from individual to individual, and results are also based on numerous variables of someone's life, many of which are out of our control. By purchasing or recommending our products and services, you agree to release Bovéda LLC and any of its employees or members from all liability as a result of the products or services you receive from Bovéda LLC or any of its employees or members.

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    1. Breakthroughs in career

      After consulting Cary about hopes and goals for my husbands career success and my husband's recognition in his field after 50+ years.....the Harmonization work was done....
      There has been a breakthrough this week. My husband is being recognized, sponsored and is attracting more professionals. I am most grateful for the support Harmonization provides.
      on 5th Apr 2016

    2. Performance Enhancement with Energy Harmonization

      Many thanks to Cary for amazing support for local Cultural Center musical theatre productions. The stage and theatre were harmonized through his work with energy resonance. The performers (particularly my daughter!) were supported through harmonization of energy.... Resulting in an enhanced experience for all.... Beautiful performance experience - radiant energy and sharing of blessing for all! on 21st Mar 2016

    3. Continuous Blessings

      The harmonization work has facilitated healing for me,my family and our friends in some subtle and some palpable ways. I don't want one day to pass without harmonization in life and work.
      Most grateful.

      on 17th Feb 2016

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